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Renter Evaluation gives brokers, real estate agents, and independent landlords the ability to screen tenants and buyers at no cost to them.

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Create an account in 2 clicks. Invite your tenant to apply. All for free.

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We have processed 3.8 million tenant applications and counting since 2007.

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Receive credit, criminal, and eviction history in one report on our site backed by bank-level encryption.

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We’ve made it easy

Streamline business. Spend time with buyers who matter. Close deals that have a chance of being closed in the first place. All for free.


Simply create an account in two clicks on Then send an application to the tenant in question. The buyer completes the brief application, pays the application fee, and the broker or landlord instantly gets an email the moment the application is finished. Then the landlord or broker logs in Renter Evaluation and accesses credit score, background and eviction history. There is even a trusted recommendation to approve or deny the application.

It’s that easy