Why Brokers NEED to Pre-qualify with Easy Background Check

As a real estate broker, you see a LOT of potential applicants. You see good ones. You see bad ones. Some are a complete and utter waste of time. Others are from a dream. In the past, it was impossible to really get a grasp on the client you were about to show a property to before meeting them face-to-face. Now? Not so much. Enter RenterEvaluation’s unparalleled pre-qualified background check.

Qualify clients before ever meeting them. Make sure you are not wasting your precious time on half-hearted inquiries and unqualified credit reports. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting an entire day on a client showing them property after property after property…only to finally unearth one unit the client finds interesting—and be outright rejected because the applicant has a terrible rental history, a worse credit score, and a shady criminal record.

Kiss the frustration goodbye. Now you can qualify tenants before wasting any time at all, or even meeting them for that matter. RenterEvaluation’s comprehensive and secure background checks analyze credit, rental, and criminal history by pulling the nation’s most extensive databases.

As a broker, here are the top four reasons you NEED to run a pre-qualified background check before showing a property:

Save Time

You’ve heard it. We’ve heard it. Time is money; and nowhere is that more relevant than in the broker community. Wasted time on unqualified tenants is the time you could have used to make more phone calls, chase down more leads, and warm up new leads.

Running a background check lets you know the client is serious about purchasing the property. More than that, it shows you if the landlord will be serious about the client in return. Understand the exact situation you’re facing before ever making eyes with the prospective buyer.

Knowledge is power.

(2) Protect yourself from Unsavory Individuals

When you don’t know who you’re going to meet at 8pm on a random Tuesday night to show a poorly lit property, it behooves you to run a pre-qualified background check. You shouldn’t have to expose yourself to a vulnerable situation simply because you want to do a good job—and you don’t have to.

Protect yourself simply by running a background check to understand what you’re getting yourself into before showing a property. Many brokers work outside of normal office hours, and that’s admirable, but it doesn’t have to be risky.

Protect not only your time, not only your money but your safety.


(3) Streamline Sales Process

Speed it up. As a broker, you work in sales. As the fictional company’s Michael Scott says, “Always be closing!” And although he doesn’t know much, he does know sales.

More relevant, however, is that with a streamlined process you can exponentially elevate your chances of closing the deal. On the buyer’s side, you already know if they will be able to buy the property in the first place. On the seller’s side, you will already have the vast majority of paperwork together.

You won’t have to take the time to put together a credit report, a criminal record, and a rental history together from scratch. You will have them altogether from the beginning. That makes for one heck of a pitch when first presenting the buyer to the current landlord, and puts everyone on the same page.

Not to mention, it puts transparency on the table from the get-go, a common problem associated with potentially shady real estate agents. Establish yourself as forthright from the beginning and close the deal with transparency, honesty, and accuracy.

(4) Increase Referrals with Plain Old Good Business

Your reputation is everything. Without it, you could find yourself struggling to sell and fill even a shed, but with it, you could find a tenant for a multi-million dollar penthouse with the snap of your two fingers. Well, maybe not that fast—but you see what we’re getting at anyway.

If you find good buyers, ie good tenants, the landlords with whom you do business will appreciate it. More than appreciate it, they’ll pay you for it, over and over again; and then they’ll tell others to pay you.

They’re called referrals and they’re what builds your network. When you use pre-qualified background check, you find the very best tenants to match with your landlords. When your landlord realize their tenant turnover has plummeted, they’ll recommend your services to their landlord friends. Word of mouth is a beautiful thing.


The point is this: use a pre-qualified background check. It saves you time, makes you money, and protects you physically, financially, even emotionally. It’s a no-brainer and RenterEvaluation boasts the most secure, most FREE (as in completely free), most convenient tenant screening service available.

Head here to give it a spin for yourself.

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